Banquet Menu

(For parties of 20 or more)Tre Scalini Ristorante specializes in corporate functions, pharmaceutical meetings, social occasions, bridal showers, baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays and holiday parties! The owners and staff of Tre Scalini will be happy to accommodate all special requests to ensure your banquets success!Download PDF


11:30AM to 2:30PM


Includes 2 appetizers
individually plated per person
Choice of 1 of 4 Main Courses
Choice of 1 of 2 Desserts
Coffee and Tea Service


Includes 4 appetizers
individually plated per person
Choice of 1 of 4 Main Courses
Choice of 1 of 2 Desserts
Coffee and Tea Service


From 5:00 PM


Includes House Mediterranean Salad
Choice of 1 of 4 Main Courses
Choice of 1 of 2 Desserts
Coffee and Tea Service


Includes 2 appetizers
individually plated per person
Choice of 1 of 4 Main Courses
Choice of 1 of 2 Desserts
Coffee and Tea Service


Includes 4 appetizers
individually plated per person
Choice of 1 of 4 Main Courses
Choice of 1 of 2 Desserts
Coffee and Tea Service

Individual menus will be created for all parties


(All appetizer selections will be individually plated per person.)

BRUSCHETTA (Rustic Italian bread, tomato, Bermuda onion, olive oil, basil, gorgonzola cheese)
INSALATA CAPRESE (Fresh mozzarella, tomato, soppresata, olive oil, basil)
PALLE DI RISOTTI (Parmesan encrusted risotto croquettes, pink vodka sauce, truffle oil drizzle)
PANE COTTO (Sauteed escarole, beans, peasant bread, parmigiano cheese)
MELANZANE ROLLATINI (Eggplant rolled with ricotta cheese, pomodoro sauce, grated parmesan)
MOZZARELLA EN CARROZZA (Egg battered Italian bread, prosciutto, mozzarella cheese, capers, pomodoro sauce)
FUNGHI PORTABELLO ALLA BRACE (Grilled portabello mushroom, brandy gorgonzola cheese sauce)
TORTINA DI GRANCHIO (Crab cake, limoncello cream sauce)
GAMBERONI ALLA BRACE (Grilled shrimp, pecans, sherry cream sauce)
CALAMARETTI FRITTI (Fried calamari, spicy pomodoro sauce)


(Please choose 1 item from each of the 4 main course categories)


CAPELLINI SANTA MARGHERITA (Angel hair pasta, asparagus, diced tomato, garlic, truffle oil)
GNOCCHI SAPORITI (Homemade potato dumplings, pomodoro sauce, diced fresh mozzarella)
PENNE AL FINLANDIA (Penne pasta, pink vodka sauce)
CAVATELLI BOLOGNESE (Cavatelli pasta tossed in a hearty meat sauce)
ORRECCHIETTE CON BROCCOLI DI RABE (Little ear pasta, broccoli rabe, garlic, olive oil)
RIGATONI QUATTRO FORMAGGI (Rigatoni, parmesan, pecorino, provolone, mozzarella, light pink sauce)
RIGATONI CON SALSICCIA (Rigatoni pasta, Italian sausage, garlic, olive oil)


POLLO FARCITO (Rolled chicken breast, prosciutto & fontina cheese stuffing, marsala demiglaze)
B (Boneless chicken breast, onions, roasted peppers, cherry peppers,
fried potatoes)
POLLO ALLA BOZZI (Breaded chicken cutlet served over escarole & beans)
POLLO REGGIO DI CALABRIA (Parmesan encrusted chicken breast, lemon, white wine, thyme)
POLLO ALBERTO (Chicken breast, sausage, onions, hot peppers, fried potatoes, vinegar reduction)
POLLO GIOVANNA (Rolled chicken, eggplant & mozzarella stuffing, pomodoro sauce, ricotta cheese)


VITELLO GIUSEPPE (Veal medallions, sausage, onions, roasted peppers, mozzarella cheese, roasted potatoes, marsala wine sauce)
VITELLO SALTIMBOCA (Veal medallions, prosciutto, mozzarella cheese, sage sherry demiglaze)
VITELLO PARMIGIANA (Breaded veal cutlet, mozzarella cheese, pomodoro sauce served over rigatoni)
VITELLO MILANESE (Breaded veal cutlet served over arugula, Roma tomato chutney)
ROTOLO DI VITELLO FARCITO (Rolled veal, prosciutto, mozzarella, pignoli nuts, spinach, wild mushroom gorgonzola cheese sauce)


SALMONE ALLA BRACE (Grilled salmon, lemon, white wine, fresh herbs)
TILAPIA FLORENTINA (Egg battered tilapia over spinach, lemon, butter, white wine)
FILETTO DI SOGLIOLA IMBOTITTI (Filet of sole, crabmeat & asparagus stuffing, orange saffron reduction)
BACCALA ARREGANATA (Scrod, lemon, garlic, olive oil, Italian style breadcrumbs)
DENTICE MATTEO (Grilled red snapper, Roma tomato, black olives, capers, red wine vinegar reduction)
BARRAMUNDI AVVOLTO PATATE (Australian sea bass wrapped in thin potatoes, sautéed escarole, port wine reduction)


(Please select 2 desserts from the following)

WHITE CHOCOLATE CRÈME BRULEE (Creamy white chocolate custard, crispy caramel coating)
CHOCOLATE MOUSSE (Fluffy chocolate mousse, raspberry puree, fresh whipped cream)
TIRAMISU (Lady fingers soaked in espresso, Kahlua, Meletti Amaro layered with marscarpone cheese, whipped cream, dark chocolate shavings)
TORTA AL FORMAGGIO (New York style cheesecake, oreo cookie crust)
CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE (Chocolate torte, gooey chocolate center, oven warmed, French vanilla ice cream)
APPLE CINNAMON TART (Sauteed apples & caramel layered with white chocolate crème brulee, cinnamon crumb topping, oven warmed, French vanilla ice cream)
ASSORTED SORBETS (Please ask for selections)
BREAD PUDDING (Raisin bread, white & dark chocolate, caramel, oven warmed, French vanilla ice cream)
Special function cakes may be substituted for dessert course. Tre Scalini will work closely with Lucibello’s Pastry Shop in New Haven or Julia’s Bakery in Orange to ensure your perfect cake.


(The following prices are per person)


Pasta Fagioli / Escarole & Beans / Tortellini en Brodo $4


House Mediterranean Salad $4
Insalata Di Arugula (Arugula, brie, pear slices, walnuts, key lime vinaigrette) $4
Insalata Di Cesare (Romaine, croutons, parmigiano, Caesar dressing) $4
Insalata Di Tre Scalini (Field greens, goat cheese, pignoli nuts, orange segments) $4


Any half order of previous pasta selections $5


Bistecca Pepe (Grilled New York strip, peppercorn brandy cream sauce) $9
Bistecca Rustica (Grilled New York strip, garlic & oil, fresh herbs, creamed spinach, parmesan French fries) $9
Maiale Osso Bucco (Roasted pork shank, natural braising, parmesan risotto) $9
Maiale Valdostana (Breaded pork chop, prosciutto & mozzarella stuffing wild mushrooms, marsaa demiglaze) $9
Carre D’Agnello (Ground pistachio encrusted lamb rack, port wine sauce) $9
Filetto Di Manzo Con Arogosta (Grilled filet mignon, portabello mushrooms picked lobster, cognac gorgonzola cheese) $15

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